What is Digital Tech Consultancy?

Digital Tech Consultancy is a fastest growing India based professional services company providing a range of strategy, consulting, digital, analytical services using Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises all over world.

Big Data

DTC enterprise big data solutions and services helps business to analyze & deploy Big Data Analytics Infrastructure Solutions.


Artificial Intelligence

DTC artificial intelligence solutions and services to improve industries such as healthcare, life sciences, energy, financial services, automotive, manufacturing.



DTC blockchain solutions and services can help your enterprise to leverage the power of the distributed ledger blockchain technology.

Our Solutions

Some of Our Solutions

Big Data

Big Data Universal Ingestion tool

Big data ingestion framework with high speed into cloud.


Blockchain as Database

Blockchain as a Database.

Drone Dashboard

Drone Data Analytical Dashboard

An end to end solution for drones with big data and AI technologies.


IOT solutions

One IOT enterprise dashboard for all IOT devices powered by blockchain.

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